Dr. Susan Osbeck

Palestrante: Dr. Susan Osbeck

Palestra: New challenges related to NII (i.e. NII of CRA clad vessels & US NDT for HII at elevated temperatures).

Mini Cv: Dr Susan Osbeck is a Principal Consultant at ESR Technology. She has been active in supporting clients with Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) in the Energy Industry since 2011. She was co-author of the updated HOIS Recommended Practice for NII (HOIS-R-103) and the HOIS Guidance notes for NII (HOIS-G-103).
She has experience in a variety of fields including bioengineering, radiation protection, radiography, integrity management, data analysis, and surface science. She holds degrees in Physics and Medical Physics, and a PhD in Engineering from Robert Gordon University where she investigated improving interfacial bonding between carbon fibres and epoxy resins for the aerospace industry. Currently she is involved in the development of NIIMax, an NII software solution provided by ESR Technology and Quasset, and is also developing the HOIS recommended practice for remote intrusive inspection and the HOIS guidance for digital twins in inspection.
Sinopse: Non-intrusive inspection (NII) allows the inspection of pressure vessels while online and the use of NII has been increasing. However, there are still some vessels that present problems for NII. This presentation will cover new developments including NII on corrosion resistant alloy clad vessels, NII on vessels operating at high temperatures, and the use of digital twins for the improvement of NII work scope development, NII enactment, and reporting.