Dr Mark Stone

Palestrante: Dr Mark Stone

Palestra: The evolution of Recommended practice HOIS RP 103 for NII of pressure vessels.

Mini Cv: Dr Mark Stone (BSc Eng (Mech), PhD) is a member of ESR Technology’s NDT group, managing the Engineering Services activity. He is a Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years’ experience of working closely with NDT inspection colleagues to ensure better integration of inspection as part of more effective integrity management approaches. This experience covers planning for reliable inspection approaches and assessment of inspection results from an integrity perspective. He is actively involved in development and application of processes for assessment, planning and evaluation of Non-intrusive Inspection (NII) of pressure vessels and is a primary author of the HOIS Recommended Practice for NII (HOIS-RP-103). He is also involved in Digitalisation initiatives, with a focus on statistical analysis methods for maximising the value of large inspection data sets including those associated with plant pipework inspection, vessel NII and pipeline intelligent pigging.

Sinopse: Non-intrusive inspection (NII) provides an alternative to vessel entry for inspection that can reduce inspection costs and improve safety if applied correctly. The Recommended Practice for NII (HOIS-RP-103) was originally published in 2007 as DNVGL-RP-G103 and has recently been updated. This presentation will provide an introduction to NII, will cover the development of the recommended practice, and will highlight the recent changes and improvements to the RP