Jonathan Bancroft

Palestrante: Jonathan Bancroft (Global Sales Manager, TSC SUBSEA )

Palestra: Diverless Robotic Inspection of Structures, Pipelines and Risers

Mini Cv: 20 years in the advance inspection technology market with a passion for innovation and disruptive inspection technologies – driving safer and more efficient inspections.

Sinopse: Delivering critical inspections of subsea assets using remotely deployed techniques and state-of-the-art science & expertise. In line with global drive towards diverless subsea inspection, TSC Subsea leads the way in robotic deployed solutions using exclusive technologies to assess the integrity of offshore assets whilst minimising overall costs, environmental impacts and improved safety on personnel. The presentation focuses on Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) crack detection and sizing on subsea structures and Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) for the inspection of Pipelines and Risers.